Finding the right branding agency in Dubai for your business

branding_minThere are numerous branding agencies in UAE that would promise you a successful rebranding or branding service for your new business. Knowing what branding means will let you guide to select the perfect fit branding agency for your company.
Branding is not just a logo or colour scheme to use in every marketing and advertising collateral. It’s basically broken down into 5 main elements:

Brand Promise.

As its core value, brand is a true promise to target customers.

Brand Perception.

Many brand agencies would think that they will be the one to create the “image” that customers should perceive, well it shouldn’t be. Consumers build the image, they are the ones that defines the brand.
Brand Expectation. Each customer creates a great expectation that they should receive from what your brand has promised. A successful brand should satisfy the expectation of the greater audience to ensure the loyalty of the consumers.

Brand Persona.

A brand isn’t a thing; it’s considerably a person who has great characteristics to show to people – the consumers. From the appearance to its inner quality, brand is evaluated and judged by consumers before taking any decision to accept what the brand has to offer.

Brand Elements.

The first four elements are the intangible elements represented by brand, apart from those, tangible elements are also important; logo, creative design and packaging materials. All of these elements should be blended well and work effectively. Branding should be consistently implemented and promoted by PR agencies and the brand guardians.
One of the best companies that portray a simple yet compelling brand image is Apple. So, if you are looking for the best branding agency in Dubai that will create the next well-known and top selling brand, you’d probably want to see some samples of our works.
There are quite a number of case studies that can give you great ideas how to build a great brand, Apple as one of the biggest companies in tech, consulted brand agency that helped the company to established a well known brand that will last a long. Take a look at this short yet informational case study of Apple, Apple’s Branding Strategy.

A good branding agency should create a compelling brand name that will not just represent the products or services but also the entire company and the stake holders working to build an empire of successful identity in their specific industry.
A brand name should fit and support the company’s main objectives and to promote each product and service to be launched in any given time. Best example of a successful brand that you won’t just find in Dubai but also around the globe is the Virgin. Virgin is a group of company owned by Sir. Richard Branson, who founded the brand Virgin as his first business, a record shop; currently Virgin is the trade mark of its other businesses in; banking, commercial spaceflight, radio, music, retail, travel, and others.
If you need a brand guardian or branding agency in Dubai that will lighten up your vision for your business, feel free to contact us. Our creative designers have extensive work experience in providing creative works to top brands in the UAE.